Our Services

We guarantee a quality service thanks to our years of experience.

Administrative procedures

We make the declaration of death at the municipality to obtain different documents we must have for the good progress of the funerals and for the procedures to accomplish afterwards.

Funeral contract

To anticipate your funerals means thinking about relieving those we care about.

You have the choice between an insurance and to prepay your contract at the funeral company.

This solutionmakes it possible to simplify the management, moreover it is the guarantee to realize your wishes.

Care of the deceased

Respect, dignity and humanity are the foundations of our profession.

The company H. Bouvy & fils, through its entire team, practices mortuary toilet according to these values.

Natural & artificial flowers

Among our services you can order natural flowers with card and/or ribbon.

You can find arficial flowers in our shop.

This service adapts to your wishes and your budget.

Repatriation, transport & transfer

In Brussels, in Belgium and all over the world.

The funeral company H. Bouvy & fils has the expertise and the necessary authorization to transport the deceased to the place of their final resting place.

Funerary monument

The team can accompany you for all the arrangements such as placement, removal, additional lettering on submission of a quotation.

Personalizing the resting place of a loved one is a very important step for which we wish to assist you.

Our funeral home

Funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique

Funeral home

Inaugurated in 2009, our “Poussières d’Etoiles” funeral home is the only one existing in the territory of Ixelles. Equipped with the most modern technologies, it also has private parking for close family.

We offer 3 private meditation rooms with different atmospheres.

Funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique

Ceremonial or meditation room

Our Room is multi-denominational, moreover it is modular and customizable.

The ceremony will take place according to the wishes of the family and if there should be a need for an officiant we can recommend one.


We have a large musical repertoire and the installation is compatible with other multimedia supports.

Do not hesitate to come back to our team for any questions about our facilities.

Funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique

Vidéo conférence

You want to broadcast the ceremony to a family member or any other person who is unable to attend the funeral.

This service is available with our professional digital partner.

“There is something stronger than death, it is the presence of the absent in the memory of the living…”

Jean d’ Ormesson

Almost a century of history!

Today, Xavier BOUVY is the instigator of the only funeral home in the Ixelles area.

Funérarium des funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique
Funérarium des funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique
Funérarium des funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique
Funérarium des funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique
Funérarium des funérailles Bouvy à Bruxelles - Ixelles - Belgique

The BOUVY funeral directors, Ixellois from father to son, already have a long tradition in a profession which, in its current conception, is not as old as one might think.

It was at the beginning of the last century that René Bouvy started a funeral service for a few clients. This was soon followed by the supply of the coffin and the installation of a burial chapel at the home of the deceased.

His son Henri Bouvy set up business in 1953 at 22-24 rue Gustave Biot in Ixelles. Trained as a carpenter, he became involved in the manufacture of coffins and continued his father’s activity to make it a full-time occupation.

It was in January 1990 that Patrick Bouvy gave the company its definitive name, namely : Funérailles Henri Bouvy & Fils.

Today, the succession is assured, and he is the instigator of the only Funeral Home in the Ixelles area.

  • 1978 in May, the French legion and Belgian paratroopers jumped on Kolwezi to free more than 3,000 European hostages held by the rebels. Even if this operation caused few military casualties, more than 170 civilians lost their lives. The Bouvy company took care of the organisation of the farewell ceremony on Belgian territory for the repatriated Belgian bodies.
  • 1978 in July a new disaster mourns this year, a propylene tanker leaves the road and kisses. It caused an apocalyptic explosion and 280 deaths. 36 Belgian bodies were repatriated by an air force C-130. The company Bouvy was responsible for the construction of the burial chapel on the Melsbroeck site and for the funeral ceremony.
  • 1987 in March, the Herald of Free Enterprise sank off the port of Zeebrugge. 193 victims were reported. The carpentry workshop of the Bouvy Funeral Service supplied the wooden coffins and the zinc inner coffin for the funeral of the first victims from the wreck within three days. It is worth mentioning that the Belgian armed forces’ trucks carrying the coffins took more than 5 hours to reach the coast because of the large number of onlookers who came to the same place to see the wreck.
  • 1994 in November, funeral of Louis Henry First alderman and alderman of the civil status in Ixelles, he married 26,000 couples during his 25 years in office.
  • 1996 in July, a C-130 of the Belgian armed forces crashed at Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands. The crew behaved heroically to save the passengers and lost their lives. The funeral of H. Bouvy & Fils took care of the funerals of four of them.
Annie Tielemans
Annie Tielemans
Cela fait des années que nous faisons appel à la société BOUVY & Fils. Nous avons toujours été très satisfaits du service, de l'accueil ainsi que du professionnalisme qui se transmet de génération en génération. Une société familiale à recommander si vous souhaitez être traité avec respect et surtout budgétairement très abordable. Merci pour vos bons soins
Olga Papaye
Olga Papaye
Caroline VH
Caroline VH
Lors du décès de ma Maman, nous avons été accueilli avec beaucoup de tact. Vu le désarroi dans lequel nous étions nous avons été très bien conseillés et aidés. Je recommande vivement. Grand merci à toute l'équipe. Caroline
Ruby Colibri
Ruby Colibri
Très à l'écoute et pro actif. Empathie et discrétion... Je recommande cette maison de tradition, gérée de père en fils... De plus, très patients, le personnel reste tout sourire et s'adapte très bien à l'humain face à elle... (NB: montage florale par flower Garden de Saint George sur Meuse)
Geoffrey Vang
Geoffrey Vang
Caroline Walcot
Caroline Walcot
La cérémonie organisée par Bouvy était superbe - simple, calme et sereine. Je ne saurais trop féliciter leur gentillesse et leur compassion pour les personnes qui organisent leurs premières funérailles. Leur attention jusque dans les moindres détails de la cérémonie allait de pair avec l’efficacité des tâches administratives et de la logistique. English original follows: The funeral service organised par Bouvy was superb - simple, calm and serene. I cannot give enough praise to their gentleness and compassion towards people organising their first funeral. Their attention to even the smallest detail of the ceremony went hand in hand with efficiency for all the paperwork and logistics.
Alba Glass
Alba Glass
Ecoute, aide et professionalisme au moment oú on en a le plus besoin.